07/04/2013 liza

As mentioned in my previous post about our Chalet Baguio Experience, we did hotel hopping in Baguio City, Philippines during our 5 days vacation last April 2013. The Golden Pine Hotel is the second hotel that we stayed on. Originally, we are booked for just one night but since I got fever on our 4th day we have decided to extend for one more night. It was a pleasant stay, though. The Golden Pine Hotel is very accessible as it is situated near Burnham Park and Cafe by the Ruins, one of the restaurants we went to. Roaming around the…

05/12/2013 liza 2Comment

Last April 27 to May 1, 2013, we went to Baguio for a vacation. It’s actually a month after our Puerto Princesa Tour. Originally, we planned to stay there for four (4) days but decided to extend for one more day due to the cold weather. However, I got sick on the fourth day so we just stayed in the hotel (Golden Pine Hotel) the whole day. We stayed in two hotels during our five days vacation. We have decided to do hotel hopping since places in Baguio are very accessible by taxi/cabs with Php35 (.$90) as its flag down….