05/30/2009 liza 2Comment

The Koreanovelas has truly captured the heart of Filipino audience, especially the women. Want to know the reasons why why most Filipinas would love to watch Koreanovelas. Let’s start counting…

Rain of Full House
Carlo of Stairway to Heaven
Julian of My Girl
TJ of Only You
Martin of Lovers in Paris
Carlo of Lovers in Paris
Korean F4 of Boys Over Flowers
and the list goes on… and on.. and on…

05/19/2009 liza 2Comment

I must say that I’m one of the many girls who have been once fascinated with Meteor Garden. At that time, I was in my second year college and my girlfriends and I used to cut our classes just to watch the 5:30 episode of Meteor Garden. I bet you, it was really a craze. And I think, I’m rekindling those moments again with the launching of Boys Over Flowers. I’m working now and after 7 years (I think), the “kilig” and excitement to see what will happen next to these series is still the same. I think the Koren…