04/19/2010 liza 2Comment

Christina Hendricks has been named America’s best-looking woman in an Esquire cover article, but there’s more than meets the eye with this one. For starters, though the article appears in a men’s magazine, the fiery “Mad Men” star won the best-looking title via a poll of over 10,000 women. Hendricks nabbed 30 percent of the votes that were cast, beating out the likes of Megan Fox, who got 14 percent of the votes, and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, who got 17 percent. Fox was last year’s title-holder in Esquire’s annual issue dedicated to the fairer sex. Secondly — and…

05/12/2009 liza

I think I received this email a couple of times before and now I have it again. Instead of sending the email again, I decided to end the cycle in me by posting it on this blog. Since it concerns women, I just think that those who haven’t got this message would smile and say that “yes! this may be possible”. And to all women – PLEASE STAY GORGEOUS! ha ha ha