01/11/2010 liza 3Comment

I love Piolooooo! hehehe… Anyways, I’m just so happy to create a space for Piolo’s official website here in my blog. Alright, I’m a fan and aside from John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo is one of my most admired actors. He’s not just good looking but definitely, a very versatile actor. I wonder if I can see him do some horror films on big screen… Anyways, for those who want to plunge into PJ’s official and juicy site, then here it is… I personally recommend that you visit the gallery section where PJ posted his personal shots. Great!!! Happy Birthday, Papa…

05/30/2009 liza 2Comment

The Koreanovelas has truly captured the heart of Filipino audience, especially the women. Want to know the reasons why why most Filipinas would love to watch Koreanovelas. Let’s start counting…

Rain of Full House
Carlo of Stairway to Heaven
Julian of My Girl
TJ of Only You
Martin of Lovers in Paris
Carlo of Lovers in Paris
Korean F4 of Boys Over Flowers
and the list goes on… and on.. and on…

05/15/2009 liza

Two of the most remarkable deaths in the industry were Rico Yan and Marky Cielo’s. They both found dead on rooms with no “foul play” angle. They are not also reported to have diseases. Rico Yan’s death shocked the the country as it happened during the holy week. He died in Dos Palmas resort while on a vacation with friends on March 29, 2002. The reason of death: cardiac arrest due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. He is 27 years old. Marky Cielo is another yet booming star of the Kapuso Network. He is at his prime when he died. He…