Laptop Bags for Chic Women

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So you got the best laptop, now it’s time to gear it up. Women have “ka-kikay-an” personality in them. While we are not all vulgar about it because we want to keep a simple identity, we can’t still deny the fact that we want to be beautiful and trendy in our own simple ways.

Nowadays, you’ll see many people staying in coffee shops with their notebooks. And for their reasons…

(1) Drink coffee?
(2) Business or acquaintance meeting?
(3) Feeling alone?
(4) Chatting?
(5) Just spending the day?

For whatever reasons, women with cool notebooks on the table beside their coffee really mean something. For me it’s not just cool but the choice of drinks as well the type of notebook that she has defines her personality.
Let’s start in protecting your notebooks. One of the most important pieces that you should have is the bag. Your purchased laptop may have included a bag but that doesn’t have the chic, right? So, I suggest that you invest on a bag that is economical, fashionable and functional.

I’ve been searching for bags for some time now because what I have is the default one. Geee… It’s really hard to carry a 2KG notebook each time I go out for a meeting. I found this stall in Trinoma and I learned that they have a website – So what are my top choices?



I like the red color but I would personally go for black or brown since it can go along well to any color of dress. I haven’t bought a bag yet since I need a budget for that. Nevertheless, it’s worth the price. It organizes your stuff, protects your notebook and defines your taste as well. And most of all, it doesn’t look like that you’re carrying a laptop on your shoulder.

There’s also a wide selection for men – just a perfect gift to your geeky hubby or bf who’s carrying a laptop every day.

See their selection here and partnered retailers.

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