This Shoes has Gone to HongKong and China

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I love to discover new places so when I graduated from college and get a job, I promised myself that I will travel more often. And my first out of the country destinations are HongKong and China. I traveled with my honey along with our mothers as our Christmas gift for them.

Yes, before Macau, I got a chance to explore the many beautiful places of HongKong while enjoying the cold weather. I chose HongKong to fulfill my childhood dream of going to Disneyland. It was indeed a dream come true and I enjoyed every minute of going back to my childhood.

Other famous places in HongKong that we’ve gone include the Ocean Park, Disneyland and the busy shopping streets of Nathan road and others. Oh the cable ride is really breath-taking. Our tour package also includes a day in Shenzen China. It was winter (January 2009) when we went there so it was really cold. I suggest that if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines, go to these places during their winter season.

Again, I created an image of the shoes I used with this journey. While this shoes is not meant to wear during winter season (that’s why I bought boots when I go to Macau), it still made a great job of accompanying me to the places I once dream of walking on.

This Shoes has Gone to HongKong and China

I once thought that HongKong is like the Philippines but I was wrong. Some local people may not be that accommodating but I still see its big difference from our country. I read from a magazine while boarding on the plane that “To Travel is to know that you are wrong with other places.” I must say that it has added me significant knowledge and fulfillment which I will cherish for as long as I live.

Do you have journey with shoes that you would like to share? Send your story and I’ll feature it on my blog.

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