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Agoda Rewards Redeemed!

04/23/2013 liza 3Comment

We used to hire agencies to book our hotels and airlines during our past tours. As time goes by, we learned so many things about preparing things for ourselves and how we want these things get done. Every experience has taught us new learning and gave us savings (I must say!).

Since we started arranging things for ourselves, we came to know Agoda. Nevertheless, we only started using the tool late last year. What we like about Agoda is the instant confirmation and its “what you book is what you get” thingy. It’s easy to use and very accessible, given that we only have the night time to check for hotels. We don’t also need to wait for our agency’s response every time we ask them for options. After booking, we also don’t have worries that there will be unwanted changes like what happened in our first HongKong trip.

Today, for us, is like harvesting time. I signed up to become a member of Agoda and have already accumulated points from our previous bookings. Though, it’s just a small amount, it still makes sense to us. We felt the same thing too when we redeemed our Cebu Pacific Voucher that we used for our Palawan airfare.

Planning and preparing our own trip is really fun and exhausting at the same time. But at times like this, we simply feel rewarded. Sign up for Agoda now!

Agoda rewards points redeemed
Harvest time with our Agoda rewards points


Agoda rewards points redeemed, $25
We just got our $25 reward from Agoda


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