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A Better Answer for Ms. Ecuador Question (Ms. Earth 2010)

12/06/2010 liza 0Comment

Ms. India is Ms. Earth 2010. Like everyone else, I also think that she has the best answer in the question and answer portion. However, there’s another interesting question which was asked to Ms. Ecuador. I can’t exactly remember every word of the question but it goes something like this, “If you are to choose between air and water, which one are you going to save and why?”.  Her answer is water but the explanation is a bit off…

I actually have an impromptu answer for this question…

“If I were to choose between air and water, I will choose air. A person can live without water for several days but may die without breathing air in seconds.   I will use the life that air gives me to find and create water resources so we would continue to live.”

I just think that the question is somewhat technical. =) Oh, by the way, Ms. Ecuador is Ms. Air.

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