I Felt Deceived After Having Hair Color at Tony & Jackey

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This coming Saturday is our flight to Puerto Princesa so I spent the entire day today buying some stuff and preparing myself. I just had my hair rebonded last February at Headway Salon in SM North Edsa Annex. It’s a whooping Php 4,000 but I think it’s all worth the price. The package includes volume rebond, haircut, hair cellophane and keratin treatment. I’m definitely dead satisfied!

I already have gray hair and we all know that colored cellophane can only last after a few shampooing. After contemplating earlier while shopping at 168 Mall in Divisoria, I have decided to have my hair permanently colored. I didn’t go for light colors since I don’t want my hair bleached.

So I headed to North Edsa and after few inquiries, I have decided to try Tony and Jackey. This is my first time in the salon. The staff and even the hairstylist are courteous and very accommodating. The salon is well equipped and I’m also impressed with their comfort room.

After the Korean stylist checked my hair, they started dyeing it with dark brown shade. It looks more black which I wanted because I want my gray hair covered. The promo I availed is the Wella Package worth Php 1,750. It includes Wella Hair Color and Keratin Treatment as described in this banner ad with the price of 1,200.

Tony and Jackey Hair Color

So after few more minutes of waiting, the assistant washed and shampooed my hair. I’m a bit annoyed though because she didn’t know how to use the shower in the ears area. The ear plug is not that helpful actually because she holds the shower as it is leaning towards my ears directly, making the ear plug dropped several times. I tolerated it including her bad breath and just covered my ears with the towel.

After a few minutes, she left and get something. When she came back, she’s holding a big bottle of what she called Keratin Treatment. She said that she will apply it now. Then I said okay. I’m a bit surprised that while lying in the wash area, she applied the treatment and it didn’t even sit there long. In my calculations, it’s less that 2 minutes. (Mas mahaba pa ang time na nilalaan ko sa buhoko pag nag lalagay ako ng conditioner. Ampt!) So I asked the assistant, “why did you rinse my hair so fast? I guess the treatment has not yet been fully absorbed by my hair.) And she said, it’s really like that. I’m now pissed (until now that I’m writing this post). I didn’t ask any more question but I really felt deceived. Knowing that their Keratin Treatment is worth 1,200, it shouldn’t be like that. I had Keratin Treatment before and this one is not even worth 200 Pesos. My hair is above shoulder and it can only consume a sachet of ordinary conditioner. She didn’t even bother to at least massage my scalp (I regret that I gave her a tip).

I had previous inquiries from respected salons and I know that I’m going to pay a high price for hair color. Well…at least I know what I’m getting. I went for Tony and Jackey because of the reduced Keratin treatment price and what did I get? I’m so much willing to pay, in cash because the salon is not accepting credit cards!

I don’t have against the salon. It’s just that I really felt deceived. Now I’m thinking if the color applied to my hair is really a Wella product. Anyways, nothing bad happened to my hair but I should have listened to my sister (she had her hair rebonded there too) and my instinct. Next time I’ll be more careful in choosing salon. With this experience, I guess, Tony and Jackey is just overrated. Other people may be satisfied but me, I don’t think I’ll ever come back! I just wish I dropped by at Headway Salon… Lesson learned!

P.S. I really don’t like ranting on my blog but this one really annoyed me.

14 thoughts on “I Felt Deceived After Having Hair Color at Tony & Jackey

  1. Hi Liza, so sorry about what happened. at least now i already have an idea, because i’m planning to buy a deal at Metrodeal for Tony and Jackey i am interested with digi perm and after reading your post, i know i have to think twice.

  2. Hi Pretty. I can’t tell if it’s the same in all Tony and Jackey salon but again, be aware of promos. Sometimes, they reduce the amount of treatments that they can provide to be able to offer low prices. It happened to me too when I availed Underarm Hair Removal promo. It costs Php450 per session and after several visits, I noticed that it’s not working as fast as the ones I tried before in Let’s Face It. So I asked the attendant, why the effect is so slow. She said that the number of light pulses are limited to 10 shots, 5 for each underarm. It’s definitely cheaper compared to Php3,000 per treatment from LFI but summing up it all, the promo has costs me a lot too considering the time, fare and food I consumed each time I go to their clinic plus the disappointment on the result.

    I still like Sale and promos but I now ask questions and listen to my instinct before availing. =)

  3. Tony and Jackey’s service had gone really bad. I was a regular customer before and I even travel all the way to Timog. But I think nung nabili na sila ng Pinoy, if Im not mistaken, pumangit na ng bongga ang services nila. And back then, there wasn’t even a single promo. Mejo pricey talaga sila and worth it. I cant say the same thing now…

  4. My friend and I had our treatments done at Bangs T&J in Burgundy.. We chose T&J because of their on going promo.. We were actually aiming for the cheapest package but they only told us that it can’t be done (due to chemically treated hair) right after they have washed our hair. So hello, nakaupo na kami dun with dripping wet hair so nakakahiya naman kung bigla kaming aalis. So we told them na yung Loreal package na lang, kaso sabi nila kesyo dry yung hair kaya need pa ng additional keratin treatment na 1k. Sabi ko, kung ganun lang din edi yung Black Class na lang! Tuloy tuloy pa rin sa hanash si ateng assistant kung gaano kachaka hair ko, duh?! Kaya nga ako nagpaparlor di ba, para magpaganda hindi para magpalait! After they sold me their Natubea Keratin conditioner na 2k yata ang worth.. more/less 7k yung ginastos ko just for a rebond pero ang nakakaloka dito after iwash yung buhok bumalik sya sa dati! Omg! Binalik ko talaga para ipagawa ulet. Madami na atang instances na ganun kasi walang tanong tanong assist agad sila. After ko ulet iwash nagkawave pa din yung sa midpart ng buhok ko pero hindi ko na binalik kasi waste of time tsaka more more damage pa sa hair. Akala ko pa man din ikakaganda ko pagkorean korean ko kuno, sobrang disappointing lang naman pala. Try other salons guys, wag na sa T&J. Go ahead and splurge your money dun sa salon na maganda ang service at higit sa lahat maayos makisama sa customers.

  5. True!!! Wag sa Tony and Jackey salon!! Mag drydry lang ang hair niyo. Kakaparebond ko lang ngayon bumalik lang din napaka saklap. Mag babayad ka ng mahal tapos ganun lang kakalabasan super nakakainis dapt sa david na lang ako. Pinag sisihan ko talaga na napadpad ako sa T&J. Wag kayo maniwala sa promo promo nila. Pag pasok niyo sa loob aalukin kayo ng aalukin ng mga treatment kesyo dry daw kailangan itreatment. Ako naman naniwala, Nung na washed na yung hair ko ayun dry na. Mahal na nga idrydry pa nila buhok mo.

  6. Same experience here. What happened to me was they gave me a flyer ng promo nila for rebonding priced at 1999. Pagpasok mo sa loob they will not tell you the real price that you have to pay.. they will wash your hair agad then after that they will tell you that the 1999 is only the price for aqua rebonding (which they don’t really recommend kasi matapang daw ang gamot) so you have to go for the next promo na 3499 na loreal rebonding which doesn’t include the hair treatment that should go with the rebonding so ang ending I paid 7k. Warning lang, don’t let them shampoo your hair hanggat hindi nila sinasabi ang buong details sayo. I felt deceived.

  7. Di tlga maganda jan sa t&j. They had a promo na digi perm+treatment saka rebond+treatment for 1500 until dec 31 2017. Ang layo ng bnyahe ng daughters ko more uber more fun tas pagdating dun dinecline sila, yung youngest ko dry daw ung hair hindi pwede ung rebond package tas ung eldest ko nman k langan daw half too ng head rebond tas half down digi perm kaya 3k. They end up going home, gsto ko tlga sila iboycot ng bongga and they are even lucky na hindi ako kasama kasi makakatanggao tlga sila sakin ng hindi nila magugustuhan

  8. disappointed din ako sa branch nila sa sm north. iba ang price nila sa websitenat sa flyers.i availed keratin rebond.nag add pa ako for volume rebond daw.last feb lang ako nagpa service sa kanila after 1 week nag wavy na buhok ko,until now. sayang binayad ko.di ko na binalik sa kanila kahit inis na inis ako.

  9. I went to T&J Salon sa robinsons las pinas to get a haircut. Tho mabait naman sila, masyado lang makalait. Kesyo masyado na daw dry ang hair ko, etc. Edi sige ikaw na perfect! Char. I’m satisfied with my haircut naman. I didn’t try any salon treatments but bumili kami ng keratin treatment which we can do at home, worth 1,200 per bottle. I’m gonna try it tomorrow and sana effective.

  10. Exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday at SM north annex Lg branch. I availed the loreal extenso rebond promo worth 2499 plus 1k for volume because I wanted to achieve curls on ends. At first tinanong ko muna sa cashier if achievable ba ung curls sa baba, then tinanong nila s hairstylist ang sabi oo daw for 3,500. Take note pikit mata ko na ang 3,500 na yan. But after they washed my hair nilait lait na buhok ko sobrang dry daw at di kaya ng loreal extenso masisira daw lalo ang buhok at hndi daw makukulot ko I mean what? Bat nagooffer pa kau ng ganun kung nakakasira pala ng buhok. Then sabi nila need black class plus treatment and then volume 6k daw.. wow sabi ko 3500 lang pera ko.. so binabaan nila ng 4,500… auq pa rin gusto ko na umalis nun kahit basa na buhok ko pero nahihiya ako,, ang sabi ko pa mag wiwithdraw lang ako, then sabi nila kahit mamaya nlng po after, sasamahan ko na lang po. So nag gave in na ko just to achieve ung curl s baba just like ung kaofficemate ko which was naachieve nya from other branch. But at the end hindi naman naachieve ung curls!! Inikot ikot lang nila buhok ko para magcurve haisssst!!! Nanlulumo tlga ko nun.. kesyo dry daw buhok ko.. bwisit tlga! Yesterday night ko lang nabasa mga negative reviews sa other sites my God I should have searches first!!! Nag complain ako sa Fb page nila and yes they entertained me and said they will offer me free services pra mareassess ulit ung buhok ko. And since ayoko na bumalik dun sa branch nila, I chose magallanes branch kung san nagpagawa kaofficemate ko. So traumatizing.

  11. Waaaa.. ganun din nangyari sakin.. bigla nalang sinabi additional treatments needed kasi masisira daw un hair, haba ng hair ko pagpasok, paglabas nasobrahan ng ikli.. and it took 1 year 3 mos, bago sia humaba at sobra nagtampo un buhok ko.. hayss.. traumatic…

  12. Hey..thanks so much for all your comments. I am actually thinking many times, if it’s worth my time and money to have my hair rebonded and colored at the same time. It’s because yesterday, I tried to have a visit to this branch in Timog- Tony and Jackie, and the staff there are not nice( well, only a few), but most of them are “Antipatika” and doesn’t even smile . You will feel not welcomed and not important. So…I am just dropping my appointment… If only they have a nice and warm welcome and sincere love with their job, for sure they will let their customers feel loved and important.

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