McDonald’s in Siam Bangkok, Thailand

I’m pretty sure that frequent travelers will agree with me when I say McDonald’s and 711 are two worldwide chains savior for us. Simply because these establishments has something that’s common to our place! The first time we tasted the burger in McDonald’s in HongKong, we didn’t like it so...

Philippine Airlines 0

Discounts from Philippine Airlines

For frequent travelers like us, we always wanted to get great values on air fares. And while in search for a cheap flight for our next destination, I discovered this page from Philippine Airlines – by far, our favorite airline in the country. Anyways, here’s a list of type of...

Ibis North Point, Hong Kong 0

At Ibis North Point, Hong Kong

I got three phrases to best describe our experience in Ibis Hotel, North Point — (1) value for money, (2) great location and (3) just what we need. Here’s my fair share of Room 1906 and Ibis North Point in general. It’s our 5th time in Hong Kong but this...

Regina Rosarii in Tanay, Rizal 0

The Blessed Palm Sunday at RICA

Yesterday was a long journey but it’s all worth it! Finally, after 3 hours drive, we see the Regina Rosarii in Tanay, Rizal (Philippines). My family and I celebrated the Palm Sunday mass yesterday in Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplative in Asia (RICA) and we felt so blessed to be...


Happy Women’s Day

First, I want to greet every woman in the planet a Happy Women’s Day! Celebrating this day makes me realize how lucky we are to be created as woman. Let us all remember are worth in the society, continue to shower love and passion to others and most especially remain...

Bauhinia Cruise in Hong Kong

Celebrating Valentines Day in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour

At exactly today – Valentines Day last year (2014) , Hon and I got to experience one of the most special Valentine celebrations in the existence of our almost 15-year relationship. We were in a cruise, watching the Symphony of Lights and having sumptuous dinner in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

Today, I only got to write this experience. And as I always say, you can only capture the moments in photos and experiences are things that you can keep as memories – beautiful and beyond comparable.

Errrrk! Enough for the sweet introduction just because it’s Valentines Day!

Travel News 0

Airline Fuel Surcharges Removed

This is good news (I hope so!) for frequent travelers like us! Just last night I heard the news that CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) passed a resolution that orders the removal of the airline fuel surcharges which was signed on Wednesday. It’s expected to take effect on Monday. I know...