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Have you seen the smallest in the world? Well here she is.  I can’t believe that she’s that small but I know that everyone would agree with me that she’s really cute! Her name is Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley

06/08/2009 liza

The 2009 Women’s World 10-Ball Champion is from the Philippines. Congratulations to Rubilen Amit for being the champion 2009 JBETpoker.net Women’s World 10-Ball Championship. Once again, we’ve proven that Filipinas are not just beautiful and intelligent, we can be the best in any field that we choose. Amit won $20,000 and the badge of the First Women 10-Ball Champion in the world. Random facts about Rubilen Amit PERSONAL INFORMATION Name : Rubilen Dacua Amit Nickname : Rubie or Bingkay Residence : Perpetual Village, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines Email : Rubie_bing@yahoo.com CAREER HISTORY Champion · PBAM Millenium Cup Class “A” 1999…

06/04/2009 liza

Why do I need to moisturize my skin? Most Filipinos don’t realized the importance of moisturizer.  So what is a moisturizer or moisturiser and why is it important? According to Wikipedia, “Moisturisers or moisturizers are complex mixtures of chemical agents specially designed to make the external layers of the skin (epidermis) softer and more pliable, by increasing its hydration (water content) by reducing evaporation”. There are different types of moisturizers available for different types of skins. Basically, there are 5 skin types. These are normal, dry, oily, mixed, and sensitive. And because each type has different…

06/03/2009 liza

I actually read this from one of the military forums. I got fascinated by it and decided to post in here. 40-ish = 49 Adventurous = Slept with everyone Athletic = No tits Average looking = Ugly Beautiful = Pathological liar Contagious Smile = Does a lot of pills Emotionally secure = On medication Feminist = Fat Free spirit = Junkie Friendship first = Former very *friendly* person Fun = Annoying New Age = Body hair in the wrong places Open-minded = Desperate Outgoing = Loud and Embarrassing Passionate = Sloppy drunk Professional = B*tch Voluptuous = Very Fat Large…

05/31/2009 liza

I heard from one of the interviews on TV that when you reach the age of 25 and you still have acne, you can never get rid of it at all. Well… the science of beauty can defy this belief nowadays and that’s if you have money. =) Acne aside from freckles and scars is one of the most embarrassing elements on a person’s face. Urgh… Going back to having money to become beautiful, you must remember that treating acne needs maintenance. There are people who have skins that are prone to acne and they are the ones who need…

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The Koreanovelas has truly captured the heart of Filipino audience, especially the women. Want to know the reasons why why most Filipinas would love to watch Koreanovelas. Let’s start counting…

Rain of Full House
Carlo of Stairway to Heaven
Julian of My Girl
TJ of Only You
Martin of Lovers in Paris
Carlo of Lovers in Paris
Korean F4 of Boys Over Flowers
and the list goes on… and on.. and on…