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I must say that I’m one of the many girls who have been once fascinated with Meteor Garden. At that time, I was in my second year college and my girlfriends and I used to cut our classes just to watch the 5:30 episode of Meteor Garden. I bet you, it was really a craze. And I think, I’m rekindling those moments again with the launching of Boys Over Flowers. I’m working now and after 7 years (I think), the “kilig” and excitement to see what will happen next to these series is still the same. I think the Koren…

05/18/2009 liza

Elizabeth Adeney has proven that the miracle of giving life can not be defined by age. She is 66 years old and is expecting to give birth by June of this year. She is also set to be the oldest British woman to give birth for her first child.

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05/15/2009 liza

Two of the most remarkable deaths in the industry were Rico Yan and Marky Cielo’s. They both found dead on rooms with no “foul play” angle. They are not also reported to have diseases. Rico Yan’s death shocked the the country as it happened during the holy week. He died in Dos Palmas resort while on a vacation with friends on March 29, 2002. The reason of death: cardiac arrest due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. He is 27 years old. Marky Cielo is another yet booming star of the Kapuso Network. He is at his prime when he died. He…

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So you got the best laptop, now it’s time to gear it up. Women have “ka-kikay-an” personality in them. While we are not all vulgar about it because we want to keep a simple identity, we can’t still deny the fact that we want to be beautiful and trendy in our own simple ways. Nowadays, you’ll see many people staying in coffee shops with their notebooks. And for their reasons… (1) Drink coffee? (2) Business or acquaintance meeting? (3) Feeling alone? (4) Chatting? (5) Just spending the day? For whatever reasons, women with cool notebooks on the table beside their…

05/12/2009 liza

I think I received this email a couple of times before and now I have it again. Instead of sending the email again, I decided to end the cycle in me by posting it on this blog. Since it concerns women, I just think that those who haven’t got this message would smile and say that “yes! this may be possible”. And to all women – PLEASE STAY GORGEOUS! ha ha ha

05/10/2009 liza

Since it’s mother’s day, I would like to share some interesting websites for mothers. These sites are just perfect for mothers and soon to be moms. If your mom or sister or friend loves the digital age and she really wanted to stay on  the loop about the bits and pieces of motherhood, these 3 websites are definitely for them. This tackles the many aspects of being a mother and taking care of the family. Truly great for soon to be momz. I certainly like this site. Actually, this is not just for moms but also for aspiring entrpreneurs and…